Remove those unsightly spider veins

Veinwave Treatments

Veinwave Treatments for Thread Veins

Thread veins (also known as red veins or broken veins) can appear on several areas of the body but particularly affect the face and legs. The majority of adults suffer the presence of thread veins to a varying degree.

At Oris Medical our doctors use a very effective system called Veinwave to treat this common condition.  Veinwave is a revolutionary technique developed by leading Vascular Surgeons specifically for the treatment of fine thread veins, telangiectasia androsacea. It works by using microwaves to heat the vessels, utilising very high frequency energy, resulting in their instant disappearance, a process known as thermo-coagulation.

Veinwave uses a very fine needle which allows accurate application of the treatment. The procedure can be applied to any area of the body, even to the knee and ankle which are otherwise too difficult to treat. In most cases a series of Veinwave treatments may be required to achieve the desired result.

Other treatments for thread veins are available. Micro-sclerotheropy is a widely used procedure for the removal of thread veins on the legs but is generally less effective on the finer veins and is not usually suitable for the delicate areas of the face or ankles. Laser devices on the other hand, originally designed for hair removal, are in some cases used to treat thread veins but the procedure is painful, offers limited success and carries the risk of long term scarring.

How are Veinwave Thread Vein Treatments Administered?

All Oris treatments follow a detailed pre-treatment consultation. At this consultation you will discuss with the doctor the look you wish to achieve. Your Oris doctor will advise you which treatments will be most effective at helping you reach this. If you decide to proceed the doctor will make a detailed record of your medical history and conduct a careful examination of the areas you wish to be treated.

Prior to treatment your skin will be cleansed, if necessary, to remove any makeup. We advise that you do not have treatment if you have fake tan products on your skin. Veinwave uses a very fine needle which the doctor inserts along the length of the veins to be treated. This results in a fine ‘pricking’ sensation. Most people find this sensation mildly uncomfortable.

The treatment lasts for a maximum of 15 minutes. No bandages are required and you can resume your everyday activities immediately after your treatment session. Afterwards the area can appear slightly red and can feel warm to touch. This usually settles within a few hours.

In the days after the treatment the treated veins can initially appear darker in colour than previously. Over time the veins become paler and much less noticeable. In most cases a series of veinwave treatments may be required to achieve the desired result. We recommend a 2 week rest period between treatments.