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Lip Enhancement - Lip Fillers

Lip Enhancement Treatments

Your lips are an important part of facial beauty and can influence your appearance significantly. Who doesn’t find Angelina Jolie attractive? Her full, well defined lips are continually associated with healthy, youthful and attractive looks. Various cultures have differing points of view about what is attractive but studies show that wider, fuller lips and well-defined borders are widely considered to be attractive.

Over time lips gradually lose volume, become smaller and can develop fine lines around their borders. The cupids bow can become flattened and the corners of the mouth may turn downward, creating a tired, aged appearance. Dermal fillers can enhance thin lips, create a more defined lip border and add fullness and balance.

We Use Only The Best Products

Lip enhancement is an extremely popular treatment, appealing to both women and men of all ages, who are seeking to replace lost volume, enhance lip shape or to reduce the appearance of fine lines.

Oris Medical are driven to producing the best results possible, as part of this we exclusively use the best quality products available. To create beautifully natural looking results our doctors insist upon using the Restylane and Juvederm ranges of fillers.

New Restylane Lip Refresh and Lip Volume give Oris Medical doctors specially designed products to create beautiful, natural looking results.

Restylane Lip Refresh and Lip Volume are both hyaluronic acid based fillers, however were developed for different treatments. Restylane Lip Refresh is formulated to restore hydration and plumpness to the lips, which are lost with age, but without giving extra volume.

Restylane Lip Refresh gives an especially soft result and is excellent for treating small lines around lips and helps to treat dry, flaking lip skin.

The results gained from Restylane Lip Refresh treatment are extremely subtle and are especially suitable for more conservative clients, who want a very natural look, restoring hydration and volume.

By comparison, Restylane Lip Volume is primarily designed for lip enhancement by adding volume. Specially formulated for the lip area, Restylane Lip Volume is designed to create soft natural results whilst enhancing volume or replacing lost volume.


How Are Dermal Filler Treatments Administered?

All Oris Medical treatments follow a detailed pre-treatment consultation. At this consultation you will discuss with the doctor the look you wish to achieve. Your Oris doctor will advise you which treatments will be most effective at helping you reach this. If you decide to proceed the doctor will make a detailed recording of your medical history and conduct a careful examination of your face.

Following this, the doctor will explain which product is best for your requirements and how you can expect to look afterwards.

The dermal filler is gently injected into specific areas of your skin to reduce the depth of the skin crease. Your Oris doctor will customise the exact depth and number of injections to give you the most natural result. Different products can be used in different areas of your face to produce the most effective result.

The procedure takes about 30 minutes and the results are immediately visible. Clients can continue with their normal day after treatment.

You should leave the treated area alone for 48 hours to let it settle. We advise that you do not have a facial or similar treatment that may disturb the products or expose the newly-treated areas to strong sunlight for 2-3 days.

In the days after the treatment there may be some redness and minimal swelling, which normally settles in 1-2 days. Very occasionally patients can suffer some bruising at the injection site.

Your Oris doctor will arrange to see you for a review of your treatment two weeks later.